dough bucket

One of the steps I had to figure out when I started baking Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day was where to store all of this dough. I didn’t really have any suitable containers, nor did I know where to get some of the cool buckets that Zoe has in her collection. So, I started out using a giant glass mixing bowl covered in plastic wrap. It’s a fine way to store dough, but it took up almost the entire top shelf of the refrigerator. So, the search continued.

Finally I stumbled on something that, in retrospect, seemed pretty obvious: an “el cheapo” (as my mom would say) 6-qt. Sterilite container.

new dough bucket

Seriously, this thing was like 4 bucks with tax at the grocery store. Turns out, it’s perfect. It’s lidded but not airtight, and it’s shallow and long, which makes it perfect for stowing on a shelf and taking up very little room.

new dough bucket

It’s also a lot easier to mix the dough in this container than in a big bowl for some reason–I think because everything is spread out and gets incorporated more evenly.

Mmm…bread tomorrow!

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