this is diet food.

I’ve decided that while I’m already taking pictures of my dinner, it’d be fun to chronicle all that crazy things I am eating that don’t fit the average idea of “diet food.”

Take tonight, for example. Tonight I am in pain, because having lady parts means once a month or so you have to put up with feeling run down and lots of pain and other such fun things. So, meh, I wanted comfort food. Well, it’s a struggle enough when you’re cooking for one to come up with a spread of comfort food like your mom used to make. It’s not hard, it’s just time consuming and you end up with a ton of leftovers. I’m not so much into the time-consuming thing today, but I am into lots of flavor and doing as little work as possible tonight.

I got a few ideas from the internets this afternoon, one being one of my favorite meals: roast chicken. I’m sad to say that the last time I made roast chicken, I’d just bought them frozen from the farmer’s market that morning, and…well, let’s just say that unfortunately when I put them in the oven they were apparently still a bit frozen. I still feel bad about that one since there was company involved, but I’m trying to move on. So.

Where was I? Oh, the internets. Michael Ruhlman wrote a post on Monday about how there is an entire industry built around training Americans to think that they are too stupid to cook. It’s true, too. Anyway, at the very end he posts “The World’s Most Difficult Roasted Chicken Recipe”–which is just the extremely simple instructions on how to roast your own yard bird. It really is simple, folks, so get out there and try it. Anyway, I have been wanting a roast chicken for about 3 weeks now and keep missing the farmer’s market, so I broke down and got one at Whole Foods. A little salt, lemon and tarragon in the cavity, an hour in the oven and, well, look at this beautiful bird.

roast chicken

That’s some high quality crispy skin. Now, crispy skin isn’t really on the plan, so I allowed myself a little taste and that was it.

Now, what to eat with it? While catching up on some food blogs, I ran across this delicious-looking treat. I happened to have everything I needed already so I decided to make an appetizer-sized version (with Empire apples and pecans, since that’s what I had). I tossed it in the oven while the chicken was resting.

apple and gorgonzola pizza

It was fantastic. You really should go make this pizza.

These two things completely satisfied my need for comfort food and the best part is I have leftover chicken and a beautiful carcass with which to make stock later. :)

One thought on “this is diet food.

  1. Melissa

    Yum. That looks really good. I love that I’m not the only one that gets just as excited about the leftover chicken carcass (or ham bone!) as the actual meal itself. I’m glad to hear Weight Watchers is going well for you. So far it looks pretty tasty!


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